5 Practices that Will Help you Succeed in Online Selling

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There are pros and cons of being an Online Entrepreneur. One Pro is that, you can work in the comfort of your own home. But, one downside of working at home might be that there are a lot of distractions. An average businessman most probably will have his or her own office and privacy, but online entrepreneurs need to develop healthy practices so that working at home will be more efficient and productive.

Here are 5 practices that will be helpful for Online Entrepreneurs.


Number one is keeping an Open-Mind.

To be an effective Entrepreneur, you need to always have an open mind. You should be open for changes and innovations because this will help both you and your business grow. There are new practices that might be better to use than the old conventional ones that you are currently doing.

Learning doesn’t stop. You have to make it a point to learn more about success and put to practice everything that you learn. We all want to improve but not all of us are brave enough to really work on it. Putting things in action is the only way to help you grow and keep things going in your business. Knowledge with the proper action will lead you to greener pastures.


The second one is, always practice self-control.

Here are a few steps you can use to practice self-control in your daily activities.

  • Only check your email once every three to four hours – checking your mail very so often would consume a lot of your time in a day, might as well lessen that a bit.
  • Limit social media usage to the minimum – Social Media is very useful for blog promotion, specially if you want more traffic for your website, but it can be very tempting to scroll and scroll through it. You can always schedule a time for checking your social media accounts, so you can focus more on the more important tasks.
  • Turn your phone to silent more when working – Putting phones on silent mode can help you focus on the things you have to do. You wouldn’t be tempted at all to constantly check on your notifications if you can’t hear a beep.


Number three is, be open for struggles and always seek to learn from them.

Personal struggles are inevitable, in business and even in life. To try to avoid them would be impossible. it’s a part of our psychology, our behavior and how our mind works. Your struggles could include insecurity, bad habits, uncontrolled emotions, fears and many others. These struggles could hold us back if we are not able to control them. It’s all about how we respond despite our struggles and how to rise amidst all of them.

The things we frequently think about have a big effect on our drive to get our objectives and goals done. Sometimes we struggle, but it will be your choice to give up or to push through despite all of it and use it to your advantage.

You should never let your struggles, mistakes or setbacks define who you are or your business. Let your struggles push you to continually improve and grow, because struggles can produce perseverance if we respond properly. Dr Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology said, “It’s not our failures that determine our future success, but how we explain them to ourselves.”.

Where in my relationship with people might I be able to improve? Which part or avenue in my life or business should I step out? What practices in life or business can I improve more?

We all have struggles, they will always be there, but it will be our choice to use it to our advantage. We should embrace our struggles, grow from them and continue to push through because there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel!


The fourth one is, be thankful and always show gratitude for whatever you are blessed with.

Being thankful for all the blessings we receive in life is very important because that will give us legit happiness. In tough times, it might be difficult to be thankful and to count our blessings, but it could really help a lot if we do. During hard times or happy times, we should be thankful because that will keep us going and that will give us a purpose to push through. Being thankful can also boost our mood which will result to better relationships and meeting objectives in a more productive and efficient way. It also aids in physical health, mental health and you get to enjoy life to the fullest!


The last one- and most important is, keep your work life and personal life balanced. 

This could be impossible specially during these times that technology can make work very accessible at all times. Trying to keep up with work thinking that we shouldn’t waste any time could shackle us to being workaholics. It has been reported that 94% of the working class, work more than 50 hours per week and nearly half of them said they work more than 65 hours a week based on a survey by the Harvard Business school!

A lot of experts said that stress from over-working is very damaging to relationships, health and to our life’s happiness.

We should regularly:

  • Have a personal retreat to exercise and meditate, and
  • Re evaluate activities and focus on the important ones that develop relationships and personal growth

If you love going to the gym, swimming, fishing, traveling with the family or painting or anything at all that takes your mind out of work, do it! Going to work from doing these activities will help you feel refreshed and improve efficiency in work. Always remember to Work from Rest. That is how we are designed!

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